Our Food


We offer Cod and Haddock on our main menu.  All our fish is caught under MSC guidelines, which means that it comes from fisheries that meet strict standards on sustainablity. 


We have deliveries of fresh potatoes every week which we peel and chip daily.  Our Agria potatoes are a superior chipping potato and ensure your chips are of excellent quality.


Our excellent 50% pork sausages are made of only quality cuts of belly & rind which cooks amazingly, has great flavour and a firm bite.  

Chicken Bites:

We use whole muscle of lightly battered grade A, grain fed, welfare audited chicken instead of regular processed chicken nuggets.


Fresh pineapple fritters, homemade pea fritters and Emperor spring rolls are always available.


We use only premium wholetail scampi.



It’s not just about sourcing our fish in a sustainable way, we look at all aspects of our business.

  1. We recycle all our used oil
  2. We use bio degradable packaging, including our carrier bags.

  3. All outer packaging is recycled  

  4. For our private functions we use cornstarch knives & forks which are compostable 



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